Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I'm on sick boy duty. How is it that a small person who thrashes and whimpers all night seems to be a-ok in the morning, and the big person watching over him feels like she got 5 minutes of sleep??
Daimean woke up in the wee hours again. Thankfully this time he avoided the pixie stix. I got up at 5am to let the dogs out, and he was fully dressed and watching tv. I made him go back to bed.
Isaiah is still coughing, and this morning threw a fever into the mix. He sways between feeling fine to suddenly just laying there. Neither state seems to last very long.

Still haven't heard anything from the place I interviewed at on Monday. *sigh*

Wading through the insanity of college applications. Trying to come to terms with going into debt like that. Trying to figure out how I can be in 3 places at one time.


Veronica Garcia said...

You are SuperMom. You can do anything. :) Just believe in yourself.

Dawn said...

Girl, you can do it. Just sign your life away and take the jump.

And that makes 2 of us on sick boy duty. The man is fine. Last night, not so much. Me? I need sleep. LOTS of it.

Dawn said...

Hey. You have something to pick up on my blog.

Chris said...

Sorry to hear the little guy is sick. I know how that sucks. I hope you hear something on the job front soon. I still say go get 'em on the college front. I think you will do awesome no matter what.