Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Big Ups!

Does anyone say that anymore? Or do I just listen to very, very old music?

Dawn at Must Love Tots gave me some love for being an Honest Scrapper. Mostly my friends just say, don't call Jesse if you want to hear something nice and fake. Only if you want to hear brutal honesty. Amazing I have friends at all, isn't it? I'm working on that, seriously. Just try it. Call me with something insane and I *promise* I'll be nice. Honest, but in a nice-ish way. How's that, whiners? I mean, my lovelies?

So here's the women I'd like to pass this along to, because I adore them and because they're more real than half the people I actually see face to face.

The Gremlin Wrangler because she is a working, homeschooling mom with 4 kids and an amazing sense of humor. She has strong views and never apologizes for them. And she makes a mean stromboli.

Three Scurvy Dogs and Their Mamas because they have the most beautiful family, and it makes me wish they'd adopt me.

Wine Please, my fundraising, amazingly funny friend who is not afraid of anything.

Crikey, I just realized this could be a very, very long list. I'll make it fast, I promise!

What's In Sissy's Head? - I wear my pajamas all day sometimes, too. See? Now that's honesty!

Red Lotus Mama - open and thoughtful, a great inspiration.

Midwest Mommy - another great inspiration - teacher, stay at home mom, and helper of blog templates.

Okay, so I seem to be sharing all my favorite blogs today. Hell, just check the links on my left sidebar and check them out. They're all great.

And Dawn, my shiny Volvo loving, puke cleaning, do-it-all mom friend - Thanks :) Now if everyone would be so obliging as to move to Chicago so we could all hang out....


Chris said...

Hmm. I don't know about moving to Chicago but I am all for hanging out.

Chris said...

Oh and thanks for the Big Ups!!

Midwest Mommy said...

Thank you!

Kendra Field-Bennett said...

Ahhhh, so sweet. Thanks, my friend!

Dawn said...

You're welcome.

And girl, I'm only 3 hours away from Shy-town. You're going to crap your pants when I show up on your doorstep on a random Friday.

carrie said...

wow. I'm flabbergasted. thank you, seriously.