Thursday, August 7, 2008

Vacation, Sweet Vacation

Okay, I may not be in some exotic locale... unless you consider the laundry room exotic. But I *am* on vacation from work, which is pretty nice. Let's see... what have I done so far?
Went to the library
Read a lot
Took kids to the park
Slept late
Had a phone interview for a job
Changed my tired old layout on blogger
Paid some bills
Spent quality time with my dog
Ate lots of popsicles
Helped Hubs study for a training exam
Drank a lot of coffee
Cleaned multiple spots of cat puke
Oh, and took these pictures! GB's knee is almost all healed, and if GB takes a picture, Belly must take one, too. No, he doesn't normally wear lipstick (even though I actually have an old post somewhere about it) but this is what he looks like after eating cherry italian ice.


Veronica Garcia said...

LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT!!! I hope you're also RELAXING on your vacation!

kristi said...

I love the new blog layout. Have a great vacation!

SissyMerks said...

I like the new layout. The knee looks so much better. I bet he feels better too.

Dawn said...

Love the layout. Congrats.

Monique said...

Belly is Adorable with a capital "A"! So we were on vacation from work at the same time and you got so much more accomplished than me! How do you do it?