Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Music Tuesday

Newly added to my ipod:
Sara Bareilles - Little Voice (thanks for the recommendation, Carrie)
Usher - Here I Stand
Michael Buble - It's Time

Hubs snuck in the Buble, assuming I'd like it. Not so much. Not in the mood for it. Reminds me of Richard Cheese, who did Lounge Against the Machine.
Usher and Sara, however, are both keeping me from throwing my ergonomically incorrect chair through a window today.


carrie said...

sara can keep anyone from throwing things through the window. Love her.

Colleen said...

maybe I need to get some Sara and Usher...I'm ready to throw my shoe at IT and toss Marketing down the stairs. ;)

Monique said...

I love Usher! He's the only one on your list that I've ever heard of ;O

Charmed said...

LOVE me some Buble!!

Saw him in concert when he came to Louisville...he was to die for.