Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Little things that make me obscenely happy:

1) Finding out that the expensive summer camp Belly's going to will now offer FREE hot lunches and snacks to the little tykes.
2) Spell checking a document and finding out there were no mistakes. That gives me some perverse gratification.
3) Losing 2 lbs when I wasn't trying. *snort* Not like it happens, but it would make me happy.
4) Dressing my kids up. This week I have GB going to school as Chicken Little in a yellow hooded towel with an orange felt "comb" on the head.
5) When my cat is nice to me.
6) Getting a message from my grandmother that ISN'T an email forward.
7) Banana pudding (which keeps #3 from happening)
8) When my husband does really nice things for me without me asking.
9) Getting Big Bertha into a tight parking space without having to file an insurance claim afterwards.
10) Answering questions that impress my kids. "Wow, momma, you sure know a lot about hip hop!"
11) Meeting really awesome moms online, since I used to think only psycho stalkers did that kind of thing (I swear, the restraining order is almost expired...)
12) Taco Fresco
13) Reading books that are so fascinating that I can't put them down.


Dead Tree Studios said...

Good thing we know you're a woman and a mom or #11 would be really creepy.

Veronica Garcia said...

how about

14.) Three day weekend coming up. YAY!!!!

kristi said...

LOL! My daughter is really into 80s music and she is amazed at my vast knowledge of it!

The Flying Monkeys said...

WOW, thats a great list....... very nice!

Come visit my 9 year wedding anniversary pictures!

SissyMerks said...

You are lucky on #10. I have yet to find something that I can impress my boys with.

Monique said...

Aren't these lists great?!

I love your #10. BTW- Elliot loves banana pudding but I don't make it not sure how. I think it's banana pudding and vanilla wafers but it's not my thing.

carrie said...

Don't hate me Chica, but I used to lose weight without trying. A few pounds here and there. But not anymore!!! Wah!!

And as a disclaimer, even though I wasn't "trying" I was doing a lot of physical labor at work that I'm sure helped it along.

I want those days back sometimes.

Colleen said...

#2 and #7 girlfriend!
I found the best banana if you're ever in the DC area, let me know and I'll point ya towards them...they also have some mean BBQ!

Red Lotus Mama said...

Great list! The best happiness is in the simple things.