Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jim Lovell!

Tuesday we went to the Planetarium, where they were having a birthday party for Jim Lovell. Does anyone remember Jim Lovell? We sure didn't. The kids had more fun skipping rocks out on the beach than they did inside the museum.
Yesterday we went to the Field Museum. We'd checked the website that morning for parking and admission info. Got all the way out there only to find a sign on the door stating they were closing 2 hours early for a special event. Damn! So, we'd already paid for parking, and we'd already gone to the two other museums over there, so we decided to just go. Unfortunately, we missed a ton of exhibits due to the time constriction. But we still had fun, and the kids enjoyed seeing Sue (the biggest, most complete T Rex in the nation!) Above you see Belly in the Ancient Egypt exhibit. He thought the Egyptian merchant was looking for someone to give him five...
Afterwards, we went back to the beach, where the kids played and ran around, enjoying the day.
Remember my post about going to my friend's art gallery opening? She came over last week and gave me my favorite painting as a gift. How awesome is that??
Last night we played a very long game of SpongeBob Monopoly. I've had such a great time on vacation with my family, I don't ever want to go back to work! I must confess though - I check my work email every day and still stay on top of my large accounts. Can't help it.
By the end of yesterday's trip, the kids were exhausted and dare I say, bored with museum hopping. Turns out my mistake was taking them to the Aquarium first. They had so much fun seeing the swimming, climbing creatures there. Then I took them to a museum full of rocks, and then to another full of DEAD ANIMALS. No wonder they got bored!

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Veronica Garcia said...

No way, don't tell me you didn't even make it to the Museum of Science & Industry?!?! That was the MOST fun!! We should all plan a trip there... I think the next FREE day is sometime in June. Let's make a date!