Monday, February 4, 2008

It Was a Good Run, But...

Ah, just when I thought I didn't have a darn thing to blog about today. Belly called me to tell me he got a note home from his teacher because he bit someone. I asked him what happened, he says, "When ___ was playing, I bit him, and he hit me, and I said sorry. He said it's okay, but my teacher put me on yellow and sent you a letter. Now can I play the Wii?" *sigh* That kid's dad was in such a good mood this morning, too.
The kids have a behavior chart that starts on green and progresses to red with their little indiscretions. When you stay on green all day, you get a sticker. Belly had a nice collection of stickers going until today. He's not aggressive by nature, and he's not "a biter" so I have no idea why he did this.
Of course trying to ask for a rational explanation from a 4 year old is very much like asking a peanut butter sandwich for dating advice.
So I asked him again why he would do that to someone who just yesterday he claimed was his friend. I'm having trouble following the pre-k who's who list. Apparently one particular girl is an untouchable (if it is, indeed, a caste system) because Belly says that he's not friends with certain kids based on their friendship with her. He claimed he terminated his friendship with someone else over a "Pink Power Ranger" slur was hurled at recess. Another one is his friend even though he hit Belly in the head with a shoe. Delicate social ties, these kids.
And still, all Belly keeps calling me to ask is, "Can I play the Wii now? I said I was sorry!"
I'm sure you all know the answer to that :)


jenn said...

Yeah, Gabs bit her cousin for no apparent reason once. She's a pretty laid back kid so I was suprised by that one.
From what I know, kids bite when they lack the verbal skills to express their anger and frustration. I'll take my PhD now.

Still groovin to JT? Scheduled my appointment for the Mayeritis, apparently it's an exorcism.

Mostly Sunny said...

Ha! Got a kick out this. It's SO Kindergarten. One little boy in K last year was a little slow, and looked a little different, if that makes sense. One boy didn't want to read with him because he "looked funny" as he put it. Sad, but they are perceptive at times. The little slower boy was such a sweetie, though!