Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Safe Bet Award Goes to ...

Some people take chances. Big chances, like quitting their jobs to go back to school, opening non-conventional businesses, or moving to a new country.

That's not me. At all. Like, ever.

Chicago Fire (some show with the cute German looking kid from House, I'm told it's very popular but all I know for sure is that is ties up traffic all over my neighborhood. But I digress) has prompted some interesting talk from my kids. My little one asked me what if they asked me to be on the show. Immediately I said no. Of course not. I'd never do that.

But not for the reason he thinks.

Say you quit your day job for a tv show, and it doesn't get picked up next season? Then what?

Or, say you are forced to quit your job in order to become certified to teach, but then you don't find a teaching job?

That's exactly what's on my mind as I tell my little one that I have zero interest in being a tv star. After this stupid low level math class this summer, I have exactly 8 classes left to reach my goal of being a certified teacher. In order to finish the last one, I must spend 16 weeks as a student teacher, which means being on staff - unpaid - at a school. How does one spend 16 weeks in a classroom - UNPAID! - when she has children to take care of and a mortgage to be paid?

Well I haven't quite figured that part out yet.

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