Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Diet - Day 3

Haven't had any crazy cravings, haven't looked at anything and thought, "Just one won't hurt" so I'd say it's going pretty well. Finding myself more tired, don't know if that's because I'm not eating often enough to keep my blood sugar up, or what. OR If it's my SINS - Stress Induced Narcolepsy Syndrome. Last night when I got home from school and realized I had no one to cook dinner for me, and I couldn't just grab whatever, that made me kind of sad. Sad because I had so many other things to do, that stopping to make dinner was a hell of an inconvenience. Making and eating breakfast was fun this morning. I picked up chopped ham, and tossed some in a pan with butter while I was getting ready. A few seconds (minutes? Who's counting) later, I heard a sound like popcorn popping, and turn to find the small cubes of ham popping right out of the pan - and onto the floor, much to the dogs' delight. Must revise that plan for tomorrow.

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