Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm on my waaaaay ....

That there is a nod not to Vince Neil, but to Hot Tub Time Machine. Which I didn't even like all that much. But I can tell you that if I was going to off myself, I'd totally do it while listening to Motley Crue.

Soooooo....... I've got a new bloggy lay out here. Normally I'd go to my handy friend over at Mommy From the Midwest, but she seems to be on hiatus. Left to my own devices, I've gone with whatever template looked least likely and clicked OK.

This leads me to The Next Big Thing. A book. *gasp* So if I had the nerve to self publish (because my ADD doesn't allow me to focus long enough to go the traditional route, and I really really like instant gratification) would you people buy it? I'm seriously considering doing it on only electronic format, because there Are. No. Bookstores.

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Yes and hope the above links helps-J