Sunday, October 24, 2010

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

Well, it *is* a dark and stormy night, and I'm avoiding homework like it's the plague.

Last night, Hubs and I had a date night, and since the kids were at my brother in law's house, we had no reason to rush home. So we decided to go to the lake, like we did back when we were young. We picked a beach, drove around the barriers (since the parks/beaches close at 11pm) and went in. We got to a spot near the water, parked and got out.

We left 5 minutes later.

Now, I am not a superstitious woman. Don't believe in ghosts or spirits or psychics. If someone tells me how they FELT something when someone 7 states over died, or that they SAW a face somewhere they damn well know they were alone, well, I'd just laugh and mock that moron. So it's all the more serious when I say something was off out there last night. Something was very wrong. We walked toward the water, and stopped, looked around, and realized it was absolutely, totally abandoned. Even when there's 3 feet of snow on the ground, there's *someone* out there. Walking a dog, sneaking Boone's Farm with nefarious intentions, late night bonfires.... but last night, we were the only...ones...there. It was deserted, and quiet, and, and

Okay, maybe I watch too many horror movies. It's possible.

Either way, we both felt it, and we didn't stick around for the zombie horde to come after us. I swear my heart rate didn't return to normal until we got home 15 minutes later, and it's possible I had a small heart attack just crossing the back yard from the garage. I've never ever ever in my whole life felt that way. Anxious, no, scared for no reason whatsoever.

Besides my tiny neurotic episode last night, here's what's new:
Mom is stopping chemo 2 treatments early. She says she just can't do it anymore. As much as I'd like to argue with her, I just can't. I see what it's done to her, and how it's worn her down. We'll talk to the doctor on Friday, and as long as he doesn't say, "Celeste, you will die if you stop chemo right now." then I'll support her. She just wants this to be over.

Oh yeah, school. Um, that 500lb gorilla in the room that I've avoiding right this moment. It's progressing, like flesh eating disease progresses.... slowly and painfully.

Isaiah turned 7. Still not sure how the heck *that* happened.

Hubs told me that I have a tendency to be a tad dismissive of other's feelings. *snort* Took him 12 years of marriage to get around to telling me that?

Isaiah had his first overnight away from home. See creepy date night above. Was my apprehension at him being away somehow tied to my outright fear last night? Hmm....

I'm pretty sure I could think up a few more, but these books are staring at me with disdain, and if I don't finish my homework, I'll just be up all night tomorrow doing it. Damn.

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Veronica Garcia said...

Laugh all you want but I believe all those feelings. :) People get scared and its not for nothing. and Unless a doctor prescribes something for that "fear", I believe it to be ghosts, the undead, zombies, what have you.

Hope all is well now. :)