Thursday, July 22, 2010

Take Another Sudafed

The article on CNN is about parents using benadryl and other medications to sedate their kids FOR THEIR OWN CONVENIENCE. It's being called child abuse - as it should. Seriously? They feel overwhelmed so they medicate their kids for no reason??? One person says it's better than a parent getting upset and slamming doors and "losing it"... really? The grown up sedates the child so that the GROWN UP doesn't ACT like a child??!!

Really, I try not to be judgemental, and I try to respect that everyone parents differently. But giving your child medication so YOU don't have to deal with them isn't parenting.

When we were kids, we'd psych ourselves up to be sick in the morning so we could stay home. My friend's mom stayed at home, so my mom would naturally send me over there. She'd give us cold medicine to knock us out, and every time we woke up, she'd tell us to take another Sudafed and go back to bed. We laugh about it now. We didn't know any better back then. But as a mom, I sure as hell know better now.

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