Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Murder Scene

That was Isaiah's bed this morning. When I walked in, it became highly apparent that he either had a nosebleed during the night, or he sacrificed a chicken in his bed.

He keeps drawing on random things in the house. With marker, of course. I mean, he's SIX, not 2! What the hell? He drew a basketball scene on the toilet paper/tissue tower thingie in the bathroom. I told him to erase it and he said, totally straight faced, "But momma, it's in PEN." Duh. Then he drew a shooting scene on the bunk bed frame. THEN I saw a few red, I don't know, amoebas? on the side table in the living room. Damn it! I asked him WHY on earth he'd do that when I already told him not to draw on anything but paper. His reply? "That one was before you told me."

One of these days.....