Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And Each Other, Apparently

Dear Lord these children are going to be the death of me... and each other.

Hubs and I are still sitting over dinner, kids are done and playing. They start to fight over a pen. A freakin' pen. And not the Bic kind, with a soft ball at the end. Oh no. A fountain pen with a very sharp point.

You see where I'm going with this, don't you?

Isaiah asks for the pen. Daimean says no. Isaiah grabs for it, Daimean won't let go. He bends over, clutching the pen by his knees. Isaiah tugs, pulls it free, and it goes STRAIGHT INTO HIS NOSE.

They both knew something bad just happened. They moved apart, and Isaiah covered his nose with his hands, while tears filled his eyes. I reach for him, and calmly ask what happened - because at this point I believe they had bumped heads or something like that. Daimean tells me the pen went into Isaiah's nose, while Isaiah starts to cry.

And bleed. A lot.

Some ice, paper towels and love helped, and all is well now. Oh, except when he sneezed about 5 minutes later and gushed blood. But really, he's fine now.

And I've lost 5 more years of life expectancy.


Veronica Garcia said...

omg... have you ever seen the picture of the kid with the fork????? I'll send it to you. :) You'll lose another 5, guaranteed.

Dawn said...

OMFG! I would have flipped a lid. So I took my previous estimate down a notch or two. 36 will be a miracle.