Friday, January 15, 2010

Think I Feel A Cry Coming On

What the hell is this mess? I'm strangely emotional this evening. I don't like it one bit. Got into a few verbal .... tiffs, shall we say? And for some reason, whether I'm the one pissed off, or the one being pissed on, I'm feeling pretty fragile right now. Like having PMS, but I don't. I'm dangerously close to tears. WTF is wrong with me? 24 hours ago I felt GREAT, like I could take on the freakin world. When I left work today, I literally felt like I was carrying a weight on my shoulders. Started to have those creeping thoughts, where every one starts with, "It's not fair...." What's next? I complain that no one understands me? What kind of emo shit is this??
I've got to channel my inner Spock and get this under control. Sooner, rather than later.


Dawn said...

I blame the fog. Yes, fog. It was foggy here today and I've been off all day. Like all the stress from before mom's good news needs to come out with a good cry.

Shine said...

Hey sounds like me somethimes, whatever the reason is, in our body if you lack of production of serotonine wich acts lika neurotransmisor then you feel depress and sad, the good news are that is simple to fix, bananas contain a sustance called triptophan that once in your body acts as serotonine, so eat two or tree bananas a day as breakfast, also just in case your nervs are affected or stress, try chamomille tea and valerian root te :0) and don't worry be happy.
Have wonderfull weekend.

Joe and Leanna said...

Girl, we all have those moments at times...and wonder what in the world is going on. Just know you aren't alone. HUGS!