Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

At the craft store tonight, Isaiah saw a small, wooden cross. He picked it up and asked if I wanted it. I said no thanks, I've already got plenty of crosses. So I asked him if he wanted it to hang up in his room. He said yes, then informed me, "This is the cross. Like the one that Judas got Jesus put on. Only this one is midgeter."

Prelude to this - why were we at the craft store in tonight's cold and snow? Because Daimean said, "Oh mom, I need a poster board and a stencil.... my science project is due tomorrow."

Did I say that kids say the darndest things? I meant the &@^%@!$@#%^ things!


a3 said...

At least he told you before all the stores closed....not that my little angel has EVER done that - cough, choke, cough.

Dawn said...

I'm with a3. And not the morning of. LOVE the midgeter comment.