Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cementing My Status World's Coolest Mom. At least in the eyes of my own son, and that's all I care about.

D had a field trip this week. So I packed him a lunch, made sure he wore a school logo shirt, had his cell phone charged, etc. But on the way to school I realized he didn't have any cash. Not even a few dollars for water or ice cream. When I was a kid I *hated* that. So I pulled into a gas station to use the ATM on the way to school. No luck, Hubs had the card. So I dropped him off with a promise to return with money.
When I returned, the principal told me they'd left already, but if I hurried, I could catch the bus in front of the other building.
So I drove. Fast. and I pulled in front of the busses so they couldn't leave. I walked right onto the bus... oops, wrong bus.
So I walked right onto the NEXT bus and gave D his money, and received cheers from him and his classmates.
He says I rock.
And if he thinks so, it must be true.


Charmed said...

That is cool. My 9 yr old would have appreciated that.

Although my 14 year old daughter would HAVE DIED if I had done that to her. It is all about the cool right now.


Dawn said...

Go you. ;-)