Monday, November 30, 2009

But I Don't Speak Mexican!

Yesterday I had planned a trip to the National Museum of Mexican Art, where I was to choose a topic to write a report on for my Latin American History class. I tried to talk the kids into going with me, but Belly protested, "I'm not Mexican!" To which, of course, I reminded him that he is Mexican. He then yelled out (while in line at McDonald's) "But I don't even speak Mexican!!" Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the museum.

*Side note* I'm typing this at work, and there's a new guy sitting at a desk sort of half facing me. I just sneezed, and when I did, I pulled my jacket up to cover my face. He now looks like he wants to run from the room. What? I covered!

Thanksgiving went well, and Hubs and I went out for Black Friday for the first time. Three people were stabbed in the wee hours of the morning, waiting for Best Buy to open. Who brings a knife to a shopping spree? Apparently 3 people, since I don't think they were all about sharing it and taking turns with the shanking.

Yesterday we pulled out our Christmas tree and all of the assorted STUFF we've accumulated over the years. I had more fun than the kids. Anyway, our house now looks as merry as it feels :)


Dawn said...

I love the speaking Mexican comment. I had a friend in college who said something about speaking American. I had to remind her we speak English.

And 3 people stabbed? That is crazy. Did the Guitar Hero or whatever really matter that much?

Dawn said...

Oh, and yeah, you covered. Big deal. If you sneezed into the open air, okay, maybe a cause to run. It's your jacket. It's not like he is wearing it. Perhaps for Christmas you should get him some Airborne or Antibacterial wipes for his fears.

Veronica Garcia said...

I had to correct my son when he said a similar comment about "not speaking Mexican." I tell him it's Spanish and that he is Mexican and Guatemalan. He says, "ok Mommy I'm Mexican and Gadamalin and I don't speak Spanish." LOL!