Sunday, March 29, 2009

Me Against the World

And a big thank you to Tupac, rest his tattooed little soul, for supplying today's title.
HB3925 passed, AFTER our esteemed lawmakers took out all the important parts. Seriously, some days I wonder if other countries are this ass backwards. Then there's HB2354, which I'm supporting because, well, I'm a woman and I have a brain.

That's me in the house gallery, preparing to take over the world. Yes, with a smile.

Yesterday I picked up my new car. Just like this one here:

Well, except it's black. So I'm all excited, right, because I'm back in a Jetta where I belong - and today I won't drive it because it's buried in snow. Come on, mother nature, cut me some slack!

Next week my darling Daimean will turn 11. I can hardly believe it. The school's talent show is Wed, and he's doing a stand up comedy routine, all stolen from Dane Cook. I asked him to please not use the Jesus jokes....


Midwest Mommy said...

lol if he uses the Jesus jokes!
I was suppose to go downtown today to see my friend's new baby...not happening now!

Charmed said...

Great picture of you!

Great car too..wish Daimean a belated Happy Birthday from all of us.