Friday, December 26, 2008


Belly came into the dining room to ask me what "scarifice" means. I answered, and then listened as he returned to the living room where his brother was minding his own business. Belly picked up his light saber and started hitting his brother lightly and repeating, "Sac-ri-fice... sac-ri-fice..."
Daimean explained that to sacrifice him, it would mean he'd be gone. And do you know what that little sociopath said?! "That's okay. I got Momma and Daddy."
Yes, he's on time out. Yes, I'm a bit worried about the little wonk.
Belly decided to sit down and write a letter to his brother. He showed it to me and told me it says, "D, I'm sorry I hit you a lot. I want to play and love you." It showed two smiling boys at the top, which he explained are he and his brother after he apologizes. Then he took it to Daimean and gave him a hug while telling him he's the best brother ever.
Much better :)


Charmed said...

Yeah, I have the same thing...only in the girls version. I can't make them understand they are all they have. I would have given my left arm to have a sister growing up, and they treat each other so hatefully.


the RaMbLeR said...

Hmmm...apparently this MUST be the norm! My boys are SO mean & hateful to each other at times. I know me my oldest brother used to fight ALL the time (it was all his fault...he was a bully...LOL) and we love each other 'now'.

Chris said...

Boys will be boys. Even though mine have an almost 6 year age differance we still have many issues similar to this. Except usually it is little Loughin taking on Blake who is literally 2 times as big as he is. But they do always love each other in the end.

Veronica Garcia said...

I swear I can't get enough of him. Belly is too wise beyond his years!!! My son probably doesn't even know the word sacrifice exists!! HA!

Dawn said...

Wow. Brotherly Love.