Friday, May 2, 2008


Here's Belly dressed as Link, and Belly crying after being told to TRY the food before he decided he didn't like it. Ah, dinner time fun. My husband thinks I'm terrible because I waited to get a good pic of his pain before addressing the situation. But my fellow bloggers understand!

As for costumes, honestly I just keep putting stuff together until it works. For this one, I used the cardboard back from a coloring book to make the shield, then glued construction paper over it. The hat was a total trial and error with my fancy paper folding and heavy glue applications until it started to take shape as something he could actually put on his head.

Lately, something strange has been happening to me. I'm suddenly overly sensitive. And I don't mean for a couple of days, I mean for the last month. I'm constantly second guessing myself, worrying too much, and I find myself on the verge of tears (which is sooo not standard operating procedure for me) I know, rare is the mom who always feels like she's got it all together, right? Lately I've felt I'm dropping the ball a lot. Missed bills, late movie rentals, budget blow ups, hey, I even forgot my husband's birthday. It's like I have this massive To Do list in my head, and sometimes I'm overwhelmed. And over stimulated. Ever felt like everything is just too loud and too fast? When 3 people talk at you all at the same time, and the phone's ringing, and you just sigh because you don't know what else to do? That's how I feel. Now, I'm not going to go have a breakdown of anything as self indulgent as that, but I REALLY need to slow down this weekend and gain some perspective.


Kendra Field-Bennett said...

O, I REALLY love the crying at the dinner table picture. Not that I like to see kids upset, but, we deal with this daily with Carlos. He says he doesn't like something and then has a big fit about us making him try it! The saying at our house (that all the boys can say for you if you ask) is "you get what you get, and you don't throw a fit" Good job!

Colleen said...

you know, an occassional pity-party is okay. Have the hubby take the kids out to the park or something for a good hour and have yourself a good cry. You'll feel better. Or take a nice bath once they're in optional (not going to force my addiction upon someone else...ha ha). Hope you feel and all the other gals were so sweet to me earlier this week. Maybe it's an astrological event???
feel better! {hugs}

carrie said...

I totally understand wanting to get the pic first.

as far as the overwhelmness goes, I am totally there, Chica! I don't know what's up with it either. There's just so much my brain can process, you know!?

Veronica Garcia said...

You HAVE to take pictures of their pain. It's called Blackmail for when they are teenagers.

kristi said...

I swear, I do the same thing. I blame it on hormones!