Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes, We Did

That good cry I was talking about? I let it out today, first when the election was called for Obama, and again, when he spoke. Yes, we can. The fight was long and hard, but we did it. We stood up and made it happen. Today I laid it all on the line, after months and months of pushing for him. Today I didn't cautiously say, Yes, we might. I said, YES WE CAN. And we did.
But this is only the beginning. There is a lot of work to do. But I'm honored to be doing it under the guidance of President Obama.

Good night, I'll sleep well.


Pumpkin said...

I couldn't fight back the tears either. I am so happy.

We have our country back!!!

Midwest Mommy said...

I was just so excited. I never knew an election could be so rewarding, inspiring and leave me with such high hopes. I told the hubs last night things may be crazy in our country right now but this is the first time I feel calm about it. I trust him.

Dawn said...

Yes he can and yes we can. Hurrah!