Thursday, October 30, 2008

Need a Good Cry?

Ever have those days when you feel as if you're on the verge of tears, just waiting for the thing that's going to come along and start them flowing? I've felt that way for a few days now. Strange, unwelcome feeling. Why does that happen, anyway? Did I not use up my sob quota this year?
I think I'll start doing an annual Christmas letter. Why? Well, why not? I can send it out with my Christmas cards (which are usually defaced by me before sending anyway) and since it pains me to be serious for more than a few brief moments, it'll probably read like a Dave Chappelle skit.
Yesterday I went in for early voting, which pushed everything else in my evening back by almost 2 hours. Fucking electoral college makes me feel like my time was wasted. Next year I'll start a movement (or rather, join one in progress) to get rid of that and determine elections solely on popular vote. Damn, wish I'd have thought of that LAST year!
Our new office has a McDonald's in the building. So far, I've resisted it's greasy goodness. But every morning half the company walks past my office toting bags so greasy you can see through them, and it's making me nuts. How long can I hold out?!


Dawn said...

I'm all about good cries.

And I haven't done Christmas cards the last two years. In fact, I still have the ones from right after the man was born. They're addressed and stamped. I just never mailed them. Yeah, I rock.

Hate the electoral college.

Midwest Mommy said...

I started crying in the car yesterday because I passed a cemetery. I remembered a time I passed it before I had kids and saw a tiny coffin being carried...I just can't get that image out of my head now that I have kids. I just break down and cry almost every time I pass it.
Sometimes cries are good for you :-)
Good luck with that mcd's thing...I would have given in a long time ago.

Joe and Leanna said...

My what a silly question! LOL...Yes, I believe we all feel like crying at some time..isn't that like a hormone thing? At least you are waiting on something to trigger it...sometimes they just spill out for no reason at all.

I too have thought of a 'Christmas letter'...I don't usually send one though. Everytime I start writing it I have a hard time keeping it contained w/out TMI for those that are more aquaintances and still keep it so loved ones really 'know' it is ME writing the letter. LOL

Uh, yea, USE THAT WILL POWER WOMAN!! Good luck with that. ;) I don't suppose if you let yourself walk thru the doors of the Golden Arches that you could go for the yogurt huh?

Chris said...

You are not alone! I have many days when I feel like crying for no reason. It must be a woman thing.
I have voted ever since I was able but have never understood why I do it if my vote can be undone by electoral votes. I have always thought the president should be elected on popular vote and nothing else. I will join your movement.
Stay strong on avoiding those Golden Arches. They really are evil! Of course I say that as I sit here eating hands full of halloween candy. Good luck and stay strong.

Monique said...

Okay it's been a week since you wrote this....have you still resisted?? I sure wish I resisted last night I feel like a greasey ragga muffin! AWFUL! lol

I swear we go through similar moments in our lives nearly at THE SAME TIME. HOW IRONIC IS THAT? Are we sisters?! Who's your daddy?! LMAO
Elliot told me I cry over the same things lately. I told him I have too much estrogen in me!