Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Belly had 2 nosebleeds last night. The first left his bed looking like a crime scene, and the second left his hands looking like he committed a murder. He's all clean and crime free now, and I've made a mental not to buy a humidifier for his room.

This morning when I turned the corner to go to the train, a woman waved at me from between 2 parked cars and told me -in a lilting Irish accent- not to go that way, she'd just been held up by a man with a gun. She was shaking and frightened, and I waited with her while she called 911, then we walked to the train together. Safety in numbers and all. No, we don't live in the kind of neighborhood where guns are a regular sight.

My husband (who works for 911 here) called me to make sure I was okay, as he'd heard reports of a man running around the area assaulting people, AND he took a call from a woman who'd been held up by a man with a gun. I asked if she sounded Irish, he said yes, and asked how I'd know that. Small world, huh?


Midwest Mommy said...

That is so scary so close to home. Unfortunately with the economy right now I think crime is only going to get worse and people are hurting even more for money now.
Keep safe.

Veronica Garcia said...

Holy crap! What a coincidence! I hope both of you ended up ok and more importantly, I hope they caught the guy.

Dawn said...

Oh my gosh! That is SO freaky!

Colleen said...

whoa! glad you are alright...and it sounds like the lady wasn't hurt, either...although probably scared to death...how awful.

Chris said...

How scary! It was nice of you to stay and help her out.

Monique said...

Man oh man you have some tough boys. Your getting me ready for what's in store. Did the humidifier cause it??
That's crazy! Talk about an "exciting" day.