Monday, September 8, 2008

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Belly is always pretending to be a daddy. At my friend's house, he and her little girl adopted a baby doll, and they took turns feeding it and rocking it. At home, he makes elaborate dishes in his pretend kitchen and tells everyone they have to at least try it before saying they don't like it. At the store, he always pretends to put a baby in the cart, and pretends to chase it when it gets away, and picks out things that it likes. Yesterday at the beach, he found a dinosaur egg, and proclaimed it his new baby. He took it on the swings and the slide, and sat it next to him on the way home.
*light bulb*
I told my husband that Belly has a good daddy role model, and that's why he does these things when he's pretending to be a daddy.
That makes me happy :)



that is too cute!! you are right ===you have a son in the makings for being a terrific dad and husband..

That's my goal in life as to how to raise my three sons;;;to make them the best possible daddy's and hubby's --
so their partners (I'm PC) will love me forever. :)

thanks for your comment---it makes me sick to think of those young children without him. :(


carrie said...

that's got to make your husband feel great!

Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

That is adorable story, for sure he is very mature.. really to realize that much about a baby dolls needs..he is going to make a excellent dad..

Dawn said...

That's cute!
I read somewhere one time (don't ask me where) that you shouldn't judge a man as to if you can take him home to your momma, but if he is someone your future son could be proud of. Looks like you scored!

Colleen said...

...or he's trying to tell you he'd like to have a younger sibling. ;)