Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Random Sludge II

It’s Tuesday already, and I feel like I just got off a carnival ride that was moving too fast. Time to stand still, regain my footing, wait for my balance to come back.

Friday was like a mass exodus here in my home away from home, the office. One person quit, another had given a 2 week notice but was told not to come back, and a third was let go. Now, I liked these people, but only worked closely with one of them. I’d been worried about my own job for a while, and on Thursday I was so stressed out I thought I was going to snap. I’d expected to feel relief when that one person was let go, since it meant I was safe. But instead, I just felt bad. Then we went out for drinks after the “we’re starting over” meeting.

Saturday I got to see my aunt from FL. I didn’t actually get to TALK to her, because it was all the Golden Boy and Belly Show. GB talked non stop the whole evening. Seriously, I don’t think he even paused for breath. Belly was, well, Belly. Singing, dancing, saying amusing things. Still, it was nice to just be at the same table for a while. And my oh my, she still looks so much like my father, it tugged at my heart a bit.

Monday our new, smaller company team goes out for drinks in what's called a company meeting. See a pattern emerging here?

My husband is on a diet. He’s lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks. He’s happy, he looks amazing. &^@%^#@. It took me over a month to lose 10 lbs. And I wasn’t happy while doing it, either. Anyway, he rearranged the bedroom and cleaned out the game room. Now the game room is almost bare – since we’re putting in new flooring – and the bedroom is piled high with crap. When I got home from a lunch date Sunday, Belly said, “Ooh Momma, wait till you see what Daddy did to your bedroom!” *sigh* So now it looks like a) we’re moving or b) it’s a halfway house for meth addicts.

This is the last week of school for my kiddies, and they’re so excited. Not so much because school is ending, but because day camp is starting. Ah, to be a kid again :)


carrie said...

we need to rip up the carpet in the school room. do you know what's in there?

besides three bookcases full of books, there is one old, heavy piano, one old gutted out piano and various other heavy awkward items. What the??

But thanks to the pee pee monster, it needs to be done. I'm not really looking forward to looking at all that crap in another room of my house.

I feel your pain, sistah.

Marmarbug said...

Ack your hubby losing weight reminds me of that commercial where the woman is complaining that she gave up soda and so did her husband and she lost 1 pound and he lost 10. WHY IS THAT?
So unfair.
I hope things get better at work!

Monique said...

Next week is Dejah's last week of school.
Boss lady just mentioned to me about the who laid off thing generally speaking. I don't think anyone else heard this same convo. But I so wish I could have went out with you and had a drink yesterday I feel you on the carnival ride.
How did dh loose that weight tell me his secret? I was suppossed to start the lemonade diet (aka detox, or master cleanse) with my friend by U chickened out and she's still doing it.

Charmed said...

"A halfway house for meth addicts" - ha ha ha ha ha ha

Colleen said...

ugh...RIF days are never good...nor are the first several days that follow. :(