Monday, June 9, 2008

In Defense of Belly's Manners

We were at the grocery store yesterday, and DH was carrying Belly, who was falling asleep. Belly tried so very hard to keep his eyes open, to the point they were crossing, and was starting to droop his head onto Daddy's shoulder.
All of a sudden he sits upright, coughs once, and throws up on Daddy.
The poor little thing! And do you know the first thing he said?! "I'm sorry."
Not "I'm sick" or "Waaaah!" but he actually apologized for puking on Daddy.

Friday I was working from home, and had set my command post up in the dining room. I make a lot of phone calls to customers, and it must be quiet for that. Can't have people screaming or playing Wii in the background you know. So, Belly was playing video games in the living room when he saw me pick up the phone. I was just checking my voicemail, but he didn't know that. He jumped up and turned the TV down and asked, "Are you making a phone call, Momma? Is the TV quiet enough now?" What a darling.

See, I felt bad for pointing out Belly's indiscretion of calling that lady old, so I thought I'd add in some of the nice things he says, too.


Kendra Field-Bennett said...

Too sweet! I thought the comment to the older lady was ok. I mean, he was right and all and it wasn't like he was mean about it. We are trying to keep Levi from saying "look at that fat guy" that's even worse!!!

SissyMerks said...

Sounds to me like he has more good manners then bad ones. What a sweetheart!

Veronica Garcia said...

Awe too cute. Is he feeling better now?

carrie said...

what a sweetheart!

A Bishops Wife said...

My Noddy will often blert things out like "You are fat." or "You talk funny" or "That is a mean mommy!". He feels he is just stateing a fact and can not understand why what he is saying is wrong. He is often loud and must point his finger.

I can never seem to find a rock to crawl under when I need one.

Colleen said...

what a sweet boy!

I bumped my own toe and fussed about it and Gavin apologized, "I'm sorry mommy. Sorry you bump you toe!" It was so cute...wish I could just bottle that up and keep it for when he's older and a snot. ;)