Friday, May 9, 2008

Threat of Bodily Harm

Here's a heartwarming story, just in time for mother's day.

Last night Belly was over tired and very sensitive. Kind of like me lately! Anyway, he kept crying over every little thing. Told him to finish his dinner, he cried. Told him to go brush his teeth, he cried. I went upstairs to check on his progress, he was standing in front of the toilet, pants around his ankles, crying. He'd started crying when he was preparing to pee, and GB started laughing, which only made him cry harder. Then he went to jump on my bed, started crying and said he only likes to do that when he's happy, but not when he's sad.

Eventually I ended up holding him like a baby, in the middle of my bed, rocking him and telling him how much I love him. Nice, warm moment, no? My mother had been using our computer, so she comes in to ask a question. She tried to distract Belly, and challenged him to a race back to the living room. Belly doesn't turn down a challenge. So off he ran. She said, "Come on, we'll beat your Momma!" and do you know what he replied?!

"Okay! Beat her with what?"

The little guy went from being comforted in my lap to threatening to beat the hell outta me. WTF? Where did such violent tendencies come from?!

Just so you know, when he realized what Grandma meant, he came back to me crying that he was sorry. Poor little guy had a rough day. I forgave him. But I'm watching my back now.


Veronica Garcia said...


My son ALWAYS loves being babied by me. Probably because I do it all the time. Yesterday he was sitting at his Disney Cars table watching a movie and mentioned he was cold. So I grabbed a thick baby blanket I haven't pulled out in a couple years and put it over his lap since he didn't to leave his table. I mentioned that it was his blanket when he was a baby. He soaked that up and started talking baby talk. *rolls her eyes* :)

Colleen said...

that is too funny, "beat her with what?" How old is he again?

Gavin's been overly sensitive this week, too. Don't know if it's related to his stomach bug or daddy withdrawl or living with such a high-strung mother. ;)

glad to hear he got you to laugh, though...heh!

carrie said...

boys don't need a reason for violence. I'm slowly learning that and I was shocked to learn that my dear, quiet, intelligent husband grew up getting his kicks from Friday the 13th movies. What a bunch of sickos!

Monique said...

He is sooo funny. He always says the funniest things. Gee I wonder where he gets his great sense of humor! ;O


You know, my 6 1/2 year old has been extra squeaky lately over everything..
must be something in the chicago air!! :)