Wednesday, May 14, 2008

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Honest, I was going to just post the pic. Then I decided to tell you know what Belly said when he got mad at me later in the day. He crossed his tiny arms over his little chest and said, "I want to take back the black shirt that says Mom. I don't like it anymore."
This rotten treatment - on Mother's Day, no less - simply because I wouldn't drop what I was doing to take him to Blockbuster. Grrrr..... But Golden Boy came to my defense and asked his little brother how he'd feel if Momma decided she only wanted one kid. Of course, Belly assumed that meant I'd be sending his older brother away.

Fat chance, kid.


Colleen said...

good thing he's cute, huh? :)


HAHAHA!! What is it with boys? I tell ya!

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Dead Tree Studios said...

I threaten to send my kids to Calcutta in a box when that act like that. Yep I'm parent of the year.

kelly said...

Last week my 7 year old told me,
"You're making me wish you weren't my mom!"
I was like...right back at ya kid.

But then I felt bad. The constant guilt of motherhood.

thirtysomething said...

Yep. Those little packages carry some BIG attitudes.