Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Yesterday when Golden Boy was putting the final touches on his science fair project, he dug in his trash bag book bag and handed me a stack of papers. It included a notice about a parent meeting (that had already passed) class pictures, and a second notice for tuition due for January. Wait a minute... I know I sent that in already. I ask him to go get his folder to check if it's in there, but he can't find the folder.
So my voice goes up a few octaves when I ask him if he turned in his tuition envelope. It's a certified check, so it's like cash and the bank takes FOREVER to stop payment and issue a new one if it gets lost. He says he "thinks" he turned it in to "either" his homeroom or his computer teacher. WHAT?! So I'm flipping out right now and asking him to just give me a YES or NO about whether he turned it in. Then DH jumps in and starts on him. Now, I've already upset him because he can see how upset I am, thinking about having lost that small fortune we pay every month to send them to private school. At this point, Golden Boy says he doesn't remember, and walks into the other room to have a nervous breakdown in peace.

This morning I call the tuition office and am told they're about to send a third notice for January tuition. I explain the situation to her, she promises to check on it and get back to me.

I get off the phone and start my own nervous breakdown.

Until she calls back a few minutes later to say that Golden Boy just turned in the tuition envelope and she can see it's dated 1/16.

Why, oh why can't they just do auto debits like normal schools??? Am I really expected to trust a small child with this small fortune every month?!

*sigh* that's being a parent for ya.

On a side note, I'm shocked and heartbroken by the death of Heath Ledger. Last night I had a dream about him dying, it was not pleasant. Here's to you, Joker.


carrie said...

Yeah, that would stress me out a bit.

And the Heath Ledger thing? I wasn't that big of a fan, but it still freaked me out.

Dead Tree Studios said...

The sad thing about Heath Ledger is I think he would have had the potential to be one of the few true movie (icons) actors of our time.

Midwest Mommy said...

Wonder where he found it? But what counts is that he found it.

I was totally shocked yesterday too. So sad for that family and his little girl.

Mostly Sunny said...

I absolutely LOVED Heath Ledger in A Knight's Tale: one of my all time favorite movies!!!

Veronica Garcia said...

Holy moly! Poor little guy. Instead of giving it to Golden Boy, how about mailing it in? It sucks that they don't auto-debit it. Glad to hear it turned up, though!!!

Heath Ledger... wow. I didn't know what else to think regarding his death. The latest I heard was that it was NOT drug related..... huh? I don't buy it. It's still sad. He was only 28.

Charmed said...

I know the feeling. I gave my daughter a check to pay for her Archery wind suit two weeks ago and she still has it in her backpack...she is 12.

Very sad about Heath, we all have demons inside of us we fight. I wish he could have overcame his, he was so young.

Monique said...

Heath Ledger was the joker, huh?!
I think you need to cut Golden Boy some slack and walk in to the office yourself! I'm on Golden Boy's side...he has more important things to worry about like "homework"! lol