Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Green Eyeshadow and Other Random Thoughts

1. The mouse lived. Clementine, my demented and defective cat, is stalking the pantry now, waiting for it to come out.

2. My outfit looks like it was chosen by a blind person or a stylist with rage disorder. It's 5 shades of black and just isn't working. My sweater is itchy and my skirt is 3 inches too short.

3. Belly was sure he was Spiderman last week. Now he's a Transformer. He lays on the floor in the fetal position and says, "I'm a car." then jumps up yelling, "Shing! Ching! Fwing!" and is suddenly Optimus Prime. But you can just call him Sybil.

4. Dogs don't like celery, but mine will eat raw onions.

5. This morning I thought green eye shadow was a good idea. I was wrong.

1 comment:

Veronica Garcia said...

there is nothing wrong with green eye shadow. =)