Thursday, September 13, 2007

5 Things I've Heard This Week

1. "I've got a girlfriend. She's in 8th grade." This came from my 4th grade son. I'm almost afraid to ask what having a girlfriend actually entails.

2. "I can handle this!" says my almost 4 year old while putting a hand to his brother's face. My older son was being reprimanded for.. ummm... whatever, and his little brother steps in, gives him the hand and then proceeds to tell ME not to be mad at his brother.

3. "Right, those Oreros hidden behind the instant oatmeal were for the kids." This comes from my husband, who fished out said Oreos and presented them to me with a glass of milk. Nice guy.

4. "I hurt my butt!" almost 4 year old falls butt-first on bed railing.

5. "Wow! Is that a picture of you when you were young?!" Excuse me?? I'm not even 30 yet!

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