Monday, May 14, 2012

My Baby's First Day of

Today my 8 year old walked home from school for the first time. Not alone, of course, but with his big brother. While in my heart I knew they'd be fine, I still felt like he wasn't ready for that kind of a trek. Of course, big brother stopped off to buy them snacks, which is awesome, and then they arrived home in one (well, two) pieces. This was not my idea, I would like that noted for the record. Hubs suggested it today, and the little one hesitantly agreed to it. I worried that the walk was too long for him, or that he'd run ahead of his brother and somehow get hurt, lost, hit by a semi, whatever. But when the time came that I knew they'd be close to home, I sent a quick text, found out they were close to home, and my heart returned to it's normal rhythm.

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sara luke said...

I love this. Maybe because I can totally feel your anxiety/relief when I read it. :)