Monday, May 14, 2012

Diet Day 21 - Rated M for Language

It's Monday, that's weigh in day. This morning I pull out the scale and step on.... and..... no change. Wait. No change? How could there be no fucking change? I've not eaten so much as a motherfucking torilla in 3 weeks. I'm wearing clothes I couldn't even close a few months ago. My goddamn wedding rings are loose! What do you mean, no change, dammit? So I set about testing the scale. Put an 8lb weight on it. It says 7lbs. Then I stand on the scale and hold the weight. That's a 10 lb increase. Not only is my scale off, but it's math skills suck, too. Verdict? Fucking scale's broken. So I remain dutifully on the diet, since I can see and feel the weight loss. It would be nice to feel vindicated by stepping on the scale and seeing a decrease. But since my scale is an asshole, that's not seeming to be the case. So where do I go to get a good, accurate scale???

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