Monday, June 14, 2010

Get Yer Game Face On

My mom went out of town this weekend with her brother. When she came back, I expected her to be in good spirits.
I was wrong.
She’s impatient, emotional and quick to anger.
The good news is that she’s always been like that. The bad news is that now she has a damn good reason for it. We sat down and reviewed the plan for this week, what tests on which days, etc. She’s really pissed off that the PET scan is early in the morning, but the bone marrow biopsy isn’t until the afternoon. How dare they make her wait! No matter how many times I explain that they have many other patients and that they did, indeed, schedule her tests as quickly and closely as possible… waiting is inevitable, just deal with it. Again, she’s always been like this. I remember once, when I was a child, we were waiting in line at Montgomery Ward, and she had an armful of clothes for both of us. After 3 or 4 minutes, she declared the wait to be ridiculous, dropped it all and walked out. *sigh* She also believes that cutting up a credit card and mailing it to the issuing company effectively closes your account. So you see the irrationality I’m up against.
We received some good and practical suggestions regarding her hair and making a transition to a wig. Yesterday I talked to her about it, but before she could make a decision, she got upset. Hell, it’s not even my hair and it makes me upset. I told her we could get matching blonde wigs and pretend we’re Marilyn Monroe. She didn’t laugh.
Good news – my aunt from FL is coming in to town. My mom has always liked her a lot, so to me, it’s like calling in reinforcements. The big plus is that my aunt works in oncology. Now that’s a great person to have on your side. She’ll be here for the first chemo treatment, and while I have a feeling she thinks she’s coming here to help my mom, having her here will make me feel a million times better. Oh, and this aunt is from my father’s side, meaning she’s not insane. Had to clarify.

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Dawn said...

It's all so exhausting and I can't blame her for being upset. It's hard. On everyone. Good thing on the aunt. Reinforcements are always a good thing.