Tuesday, June 15, 2010

And How Was Your Morning?

This morning, I awoke an hour before my alarm was set to go off. I *thought*, just maybe, I'd heard Hubs call out from downstairs. I listened for a moment and didn't hear anything. Decided to take the dogs out and start coffee, so I head downstairs.
Hubs is standing in front of the TV with a very strange, almost alarmed look on his face. Slowly, I ask, "Um, did you say something?"
Which led directly to this:

Yes, that is me holding my husband's second most favorite possession (only after the Jeep) because the mounting was falling off the wall. So now the TV is temporarily back on it's original stand, and just over it, is A BIG HOLE in the wall. Yay! Goes well with the hole in the kitchen ceiling that was covered, but not repaired. Also the ZERO thresholds separating the rooms. Oh, oh, and the bathroom door that was only roughed in, and still missing the trim around it. And the kids' room, where it's only half painted after the wall was removed. Did I mention I have an aunt coming from out of town? She's going to take one look at my Half Done House and think I'm living the crack head dream.

Yesterday I went to visit an awesome friend in the hospital. A doctor was in the room, going over the surgery she's having today. Triple bypass, yikes. Anyway, the doctor is asking a ton of questions, and I can see how hard it is for my friend to give straight answers. They just begged for sarcasm and humor. Finally, she broke when the doc asked if she had any missing teeth. She pointed to the back of her mouth and said she'd had a wisdom tooth pulled. Doc asks, "Anything loose in front?"
to which my dear friend replied, "Well, I've got saggy tits, does that count?"

Today I'm blogging from the hospital where my mom is having her PET scan and bone marrow biopsy done. The waiting room I've been banished to has no coffee. Instead of breakfast this morning, I was on TV holding duty while we tried to get it off the stupid mount. It's going to be a long day. And how was *your* morning??


Monique said...

Nice t.v. Jesus sounds like E with his tv. I hope it's not damaged!!

Midwest Mommy said...

Um, I hope my tv never does that!

Julie Vaicius said...

Can you just go back to sleep and start all over again? I hate mornings like that!