Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Something Like Normal

Since school is out, I'm trying my hardest to create some sort of routine. A schedule. But since the majority of the kids' belongings are still in the freakin' dining room, this is proving somewhat hard. No, Hubs has not finished the wall fixing (after the wall knocking down) but it's getting closer. I have a feeling I'll end up painting the room myself once he's done with the sanding etc. *sigh* Why is it that HE decides to take on a project, then I have to work on it?? Well, I shouldn't complain. At least he's doing something.

Over the course of 2 busy semesters, 1 job and 1 fundraiser, my eating habits became more atrocious than normal, and exercise... well, let's just say my treadmill had more dust on it than Pompeii. So another thing I'm working on is eating better and exercising. Ironically, exercising automatically makes me watch what I eat, because then I think I'm undoing all the pain and suffering the treadmill has put me through. But damn, this morning I wanted McDonald's something fierce. I didn't go. I'll eat my Quaker True Delights bar instead.

I mentioned I've been having nightmares. Oh yeah, raging nightmares. In one, someone broke into the house, and I killed him with a hammer. It was gruesome, but I woke up feeling like, "Hell yea, I'd kill to protect my kids! Don't mess with me!" But of course, the only one to hear this newfound badassness was the dog.


Veronica Garcia said...

yay! you're exercising again! Glad to hear it!

ProzacPoet said...

I suck at blogs :( You have facebook? prozacpoet@gmail.com that's me!!

Dawn said...

Good for you! That's apparently something I need to be doing since DAELYN told me I looked like I was having a baby. That's 2 people now. Grrr.
And go you for defending your family. Even if only in a dream.