Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Word on Alter Egos

Yesterday after a particularly bad day, I was driving my safe, German car, with the Sinatra station on. With the A/C on, no less.
A woman on a motorcycle whizzed by my left, swung into the turn lane, then took off. At that moment, I wanted that. The wind, the speed, the freedom and release. I've always been a fan of Rose is Rose. Rose is a momma, she takes care of her family, but deep inside she's a hard core rebel.
Maybe it's time to let my own alter ego out for a while. Sometimes you need to dig deep and let another facet of yourself out. What good is having a wild side if you never let it free?

1 comment:

Veronica Garcia said...

awesome. but see you ARE quite the wild one with your red hair and your tats. :)