Monday, May 17, 2010

Vote for Tucker - More of the Same

Oh Monday, Monday, how I hate you Monday....

School's out! Like Alice Cooper, I'm partying. Well, if by "partying" you mean hanging out with the kids, reading for fun and catching up on lost episodes of Jon Stewart, then yeah, I am.

I've been plagued by nightmares for the last few days. I know why, too. On Friday night I sat up and watched the Biography of Ted Bundy. Not that I didn't already KNOW about him and his craziness, but sitting up, at night, alone.... and realizing that monsters are indeed real? That they do come into your house at night? Oh hell now, it was just too much for my fragile mind.

And now, it's about lunch time, so I'll have to come back to this later.

And yes, I'm still scatterbrained. Obviously.

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Dawn said...

I love horror movies but I find that I can't watch the "real" stuff anymore. Now that I have kids of my own it's just too much for me.