Monday, November 19, 2007

Veeery Interesting

On Friday I was the devil incarnate. I was blogging from my own personal hell. Hormones took over my brain and my fingers, and if you got a nasty email from me, please disregard it. Unless you normally get nasty emails from me. In which case you should seriously consider withdrawing from this friendship.

What intrigues me is that the only two people who commented on my PMS pain are male.

Do other women not have these problems, or not admit to it?

Golden Boy's junior varsity basketball team beat the snot out of another team on Saturday. It was brutal. They won by 24 points. At one point the refs stopped calling the other team on their traveling and general screw ups, I think they just felt bad for them. Golden Boy played the whole game! Not because he's suddenly found mad ballin' skills, but because there were only 5 members of the team present. Once they were secure in their lead, they passed him the ball a few times. Each time he immediately passed it to one of the super stars. While it did nothing for his shooting, it did wonders for his confidence. He got more aggressive and was guarding kids twice his size effectively. Overall I'm pretty impressed with the kids on the team. Not because they win, but because they seem to play well together. My son is the youngest and smallest kid on the team, and it means a lot to me that they're nice to him. The other parents are great, too. We sat in the stands with our hot dogs and soda and we cheered, clapped and stomped. What a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


carrie said...

I didn't comment on that one? Well, I probably mean to but was too busy chewing someone's head off.

There's plenty of evidence on my blog of my hormonal nastiness. You are definitely not alone!

Katie said...

I am a homocidal maniac in capri pants when I'm PMS-ing. I think my husband prefers me pregnant over PMS. Truly.

Veronica Garcia said...

Oh please, woman, you should know that, us, women can sympathize with the pain and anguish of the monthly hormonal friend that visits us. Don't talk to me about a week or so before my period, I'll be your worse enemy, by accident, of course. =)