Saturday, November 24, 2007

On Being Thankful

Had one of those moments today that just reduced me to tears and not in a good way. Pity party, table for one. I don't have many of those. Some people cry - I'm usually not one of them. I prefer to point and laugh at those people. So anyway, I slapped myself around and got a freakin grip (I was embarrassed, even though I was the only one to witness it) and instead, in light of the passing of Thanksgiving, think about some of the many things I'm thankful for (damn dangling participles) Okay, in proper English.... some of the things for which I am thankful. Drum roll please.

My kids (duh) and their health, happiness, and humor.
Husband - he even helps with the dishes, what more can I say?!
My mom - she does so much for my kids, we'd be lost without her.
Friends - an amazing bunch. Sick, twisted, demented, the whole lot of 'em. I love you guys.
My pets. Okay, maybe just my dog.
Cartoon Network - keeps the kids busy.
Club Penguin - see above.
Belly still takes naps - giving me enough quiet time to think for one full minute.
ipod - Where else can Tupac and Elvis live side by side?
DVR - otherwise I'd probably never watch tv.
Library - no way I could afford to buy all the books I read.
Lastly, Golden Boy's burning need to jump out and scare his little brother every chance he gets. Today he helped me wrangle the tyke out of the Playplace at McDonald's. I went left, Belly ran right, Golden Boy jumped out and scared him so horribly that Belly screamed like a little girl and fell on his butt. Yeah, good times.

Alright that's enough of this introspective shit. It doesn't suit me!


Monique said...

I love the nicknames you have for your boys! They crack me up. Oh and a lot of the things you are grateful for I can realate to (mother, dvr,....) geesh we have so much in common. I can't believe you listen to Elvis and Tupac. What a combo that throws pretzel and cheese combos out the door! lol

Momma T. said...

I Loved this post and im with you on the things your thankful for now youve made me all the more thankful so THANK'S :)
And BTW i think it's awsome your showing your support for LiL JoJo he's an awsome kid and your personal experiance probebly made him feel a little bit better :)
oh have you seen this video with him in it?
he's the one in glasses...he'll steal your heart that one :) cheers~T