Monday, December 3, 2012

I Have Had Enough!

*said in my best Bill Cosby impersonating his wife, Camille, voice*

I-i-i-i... have had ... E-nough!

What was once my Golden Child, the boy I'd have cloned, for all of his perfection, is now numero uno on my shit list. So help me baby Jesus, I've had to walk away to keep myself from smacking the crap out of him. And the day is still young, folks, so I may break before it's over.

He is about to be thrown out of his wonderful private school, because he is going to lose his academic scholarship, because he won't do his work. Reality is going to hit him hard in the face when he A) has to repeat his freshmen year and B) does so in a shitbox of a public school.

He's going to miss out on so many opportunities because he just won't do his work. Scholarships and clubs and all of the GOOD things high school has to offer. Oh and not to mention all of the social things he has missed out on for being on punishment ALL of the time. Can't have a girlfriend if you're never allowed to leave the house. Can't have fun with your friends if you're never allowed to leave the house. And the simple solution - just do your work - seems to escape him.

So check in next week to find out whether said child has been allowed to continue living.

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