Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Four More Years

It is with restored faith in my fellow Americans that I woke up today secure in the knowledge that the progress made in the last four years to repair our economy and improve the health of our citizens will not be undone. In the face of blatant hate and unapologetic attempts at minority voter suppression, we have won. Men with extreme views on rape and reproduction were soundly shut down, and replaced by sensible voters. 

On a larger, historical scale, we have proven that Barack Obama was not an anomaly. He is a strong leader, chosen again by the people. Fearing a white backlash, the same kind that killed Reconstruction, led by Mitch McConnell, we minorities claimed our right to choose our leader. Because you know what? Those angry white men (or grey faced males with $2 haircuts, as Tina Fey called them) are truly a dying breed. 

The idea that there has been a "war on women" was really not so far fetched. It frightened me to be faced with strictly religious men legislating based on their personal faith rather than the freedom of the people. It's that overly paternalistic view that they must make decisions for us, because they believe we are too feeble minded and immoral to make them ourselves, that today allows us to say goodbye to Akin (and his ridiculous "legitimate rape" comments) and Murdock (of the "rape pregnancy is god's will" infamy) 

Our Supreme Court is, by and large, an aging bunch. With the chance to appoint hard liner ideologues, Mitt Romney would have been "delighted" to overturn Roe v Wade. His party's desire to restrict birth control based on their religious beliefs, and their willingness to return America to the days of back alley abortions (because let's face it, making it illegal will not stop it) they were a dangerous duo. 

Lastly, if you cannot say emphatically that you support the Lily Ledbetter Act, then fuck you. 

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