Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Own Worst Enemy

After burning the roof of my mouth with hot cheese and slicing and dicing my legs while shaving, I've decided maybe I should stay away from me for a few days. It's obvious that I'm dangerous.

My dog got nervous around a kid this morning (not one of mine) and he actually growled at said kid. My first thought wasn't, "What's wrong with you, dog?" but instead, it was, "What did you do to my dog?" Is that wrong?

Yesterday I walked down my own street, where I've lived for many years, knocking on doors to get signatures on a petition for a block party. Half of those people opened their doors with obvious irritation. Was it because they don't want to be bothered? Or because after this long, we still don't know one another? I'm not sure, but I won't be asking to borrow a cup of sugar any time soon.

One neighbor that I do know has recently added a downspout extender to my gutter to keep the rain water from landing on her walkway. The irony? They put the extender in a place where it's going to go - you guessed it - right in their walkway. I sure do hope they feel better about that now. Do I feel bad for not doing it myself? Nope. Am I a bad neighbor? Yep.

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