Monday, May 21, 2012

No Chip Manicure!

No, seriously, it hasn't chipped and I think I may never buy nail polish again. Yes I've said that before, after trying Incoco and Sally Hansen nail color strips. Those, they look great, but they start to come off the next day.
Allow me to explain. If I spent as much time studing as painting and maintaining my nails, I'd have a PhD already. For mother's day, my husband got me a gift card for my favorite nail salon. Decided to spring for the no chip manicure and found it to be pretty fricken awesome.
It's not nail polish, so they're kind of misleading. It's a gel overlay with a super shiny and durable topcoat. Voila! Nail polish look, overlay durability.
Since this isn't your standard polish, it takes a little more oomph to get it off when it's time for a change. If you've seen women in your local salon with aluminum robot fingers, that's what they're doing. I think I can live with that.
*only complaint: The color I picked out was a very deep red, dark and wine like. What I ended up with on my fingers is a bright hooker red. Not sure if they had the color mislabled or whether there's something else that accounts for the variation.
After 2 weeks I'll update on how it's held up. Depending on how much growth is visible, I may even let it go on a little longer.

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Your good pal Erin said...

Just wait until you've done no chip for a month or two and see how wrecked and ravaged your nails are.

I too was in love with the no-chip until I started to get grooves in my nails similar to when you have acrylic nails taken off.

No bueno. Hopefully your experience is different than mine!