Monday, March 28, 2011


Today, I walked into a classroom for the first time NOT as a student. That sentence isn't winning any awards for structure, but you know what I mean. My educational foundations class requires me to spend 10 hours observing a classroom, and another 10 doing service for the teacher. Lucky for me, the teacher I'm with is awesome. And thank god for that, because otherwise she'd have flipped out and killed these juvenile delinquents.

The school is old, and the students are crazy, and I didn't have any coffee. But I loved it. All of the teachers I met were open and willing to talk. The kids ranged from curious, oblivious, to outright hostile. These kids are about 12 years old, and I saw hickeys and at least one tattoo. WTF!? I graded papers and made up a spreadhseet for the teacher to use for one of the million thing that teachers must document each day. And one girl who was polite, funny and scary smart. She's going places, that one. Now, more than ever, I can't wait to get through school and start teaching.

Worst moment - when a kid stared at my ear piercing and asked if it hurt.

Best moment - the first time one of the kids called me Miss Martinez :)

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Dawn said...

Woot woot, Miss Martinez...