Friday, March 18, 2011

Never Ignore the Warnings

When I cheerfully told people we were having out kitchen remodeled, my fellow homeowners warned me that it would take twice as long as scheduled, and make me twice as crazy as I already am.
But did I listen?! No. Here's one side of the kitchen, the night before demo began. See the horrid almond colored tile? The cheap cabinets that were falling apart?

And here's how it looks now.

It's an improvement, in my eyes. But of course, there's electrical and plumbing work to be done, and the stove delivery has been delayed, and now Hubs wants to rip the floor out while we're at it.

Is this twitch I've developed a normal reaction to this kind of stress? Of course, it was our decision to do this, and I'm excited, and I will love it when it's done. But right now, the house is a mess, I can't find anything that was previously in the kitchen - except the fridge, which is in the dining room, and the microwave, which is stationed in the living room for the time being. If I kill someone, will you guys pool together some money for my defense attorney?


Veronica Garcia said...

I got your back. ;)
Kitchen remodel finally! How exciting!!!

Dawn said...

So how's it look now?