Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Could Do Some Damage

Tuesday I start my new job. New job means new clothes, right? A little back story - a few years ago, Hubs and I stopped using credit cards, and we're STILL paying off old balances. The only one I kept was a Bloomingdales account, and I used it once a year for the charity shopping event that the Save Abandoned Babies Foundation was involved in. So yesterday Hubs suggested that for once, I not worry about money, and use my Bloomies account to pick up some clothes. So out of curiosity, I checked the credit limit on it.
Oh my.
I could do some damage there. I see a nice new pair of boots in my immediate future.


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Casey said...

Oh man, that's a slippery slope, isn't it? I messed myself up with credit when I was 19 and didn't have any charge cards after that for years. Now I have a card to get airline miles with, and I've racked it up a lot higher than I ever intended to. I need to cut the damned thing up...