Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Cringeworthy Moment

Attention parents of male children:

In the beginning, you think, I'm having a baby, it's great! He'll learn to walk, and talk, and learn his ABC's, and to ride a bike.....
And you have all these dreams....
but you stop dreaming long before your young man hits puberty. Because no one fantasizes that they'll have a little boy, love him and nurture him, and then catch him sneaking porn.

SO today Hubs walked by Daimean's room - which has no door, which is a story for another time - and said child closed out whatever he was looking at on the computer. Which is right in front of the open door, facing the door, so there's not much room for privacy, you see. Hubs, being a curious kind of guy (and a dad) checked the browser history and found animated porn having titles which included phrases like lap dance and blow job.

This is the first time it really occurred to me that porn, in all it's raunchy glory, objectifies women in a way that I don't want my tender darling son exposed to. Previously, I'd have just said it's inappropriate, and leave it at that. But now, I see a bigger danger, one that has men looking at women like they're only put on this earth for one thing, and it's not our wit and humor. One that causes some men to misunderstand that no means no.

Dear lord that's terrifying. So Hubs had a talk with him, and then I talked to him when I got home. He was honest and said he was looking because he was curious and that he thought he wouldn't get caught. I dig honesty. I get it. So I laid it out, and had to explain words like misogynistic to my little man. Fun times all around.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again....

Parenting is NOT for the weak.

But on a lighter note, Isaiah was invited to join a gifted program at school! How awesome is that? His teacher says that he finishes his work faster than the other kids, and then starts helping *them* with theirs, and explaining it like a little teacher :)

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