Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pizza, A Repeat Performance

School started yesterday for me. A panic inducing event. Could I really handle the class load plus everything else in my crazy life? Could I do it well? Are 13-14 hour days going to kill me?
School went well, after the fun game of finding a sitter for the kids at the very last minute. My friend Desiree came through for me (once again1) and monster sat for them. She even provided a pizza dinner. Like most kids, mine LOVE pizza.

At 2am Isaiah woke up and started crying, saying his stomach hurt. He spent half an hour on the toilet and throwing up off the side. Of course he was cold, so I wrapped him in a Star Wars beach towel. It was almost comical, the two of us up in the middle of the night. To take his mind off of his, ahem, predicament, I showed him some LOLcats on my fancy IPhone. We sat there giggling, in the bathroom, until about 2:30. Well, he giggled in between splashing warm pizza vomit all over, but you get my drift. THEN Hubs came home sick at 3am. *sigh*

Thank goodness that when Isaiah was done, he felt better. So good in fact, that he told me a joke, which I will now share as post-puke humor:
Why couldn't the 11 year old see the pirate movie?
It was rated "Arrrrr!"

Yes, lack of sleep has indeed made me delirious.


Dawn said...

But it's so cuuuute! Hope all feel better!

Monique said...

How many classes are you taking you busy lady!